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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Cleaning the lint screen inside a dryer is an essential maintenance requirement. While many people clean their dryers frequently, most people are not aware that a dryer vent should also be cleaned. Over time, dryers accumulate lint and debris, which causes clogging of the dryer vent. Not only does a clogged vent reduce the energy efficiency of a dryer, but it also reduces its longevity. Moreover, lint deposits in clogged dryer vents can also lead to household fires.

Leading dryer manufacturers recommend that a dryer vent should be cleaned by professionals once every year. By removing lint, clogs and debris from a dryer vent, you can ensure proper flow of air. This will allow your dryer to run more efficiently, reduce your utility bills and eliminate potential fire hazards.

At Can Do Duct Cleaning, we specialise in providing dryer vent cleaning services in Greater Toronto and surrounding areas. Our technicians can clear clogs, lint and debris across the full length of your vent tube – ranging from your dryer right to the outside of your home.

Our Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Can Do Duct Cleaning can clean any dryer vent, regardless of whether it is long, rigid or bent in several places. We make use of high pressure air and special tools to loosen clogs from dyer vent tube. This improves the efficiency of your dryers and reduces fire hazards.

Service Overview

Our service technicians follow certified procedures in cleaning dryer vents. First of all, our technicians will conduct a visual inspection of your dryer vent. This is done to determine whether your vent needs to be cleaned, if it has been properly routed and if proper ducting materials have been used. This will also give you an idea of whether your vent requires a booster fan or not.

The actual process of cleaning out your dryer vent will start with debris and clog removal. This is done with the help of high pressure air tools to loosen clogs from dryer vent tube. Following this, our technicians will carry out screen cleaning if required.

Our technicians will ensure that your vent is completely free of clogs before leaving your premises.

Why Choose Us

At Can Do Duct Cleaning, we’re a certified and licensed provider of dryer vent cleaning services. Our technicians are qualified and well trained to carry out dryer vent cleaning. Furthermore, we make use of ultra-modern pressure air tools, which allows us to clean dryer vents of all sizes and shapes easily and effortlessly.

We always ensure to comply with industry standards when it comes to dryer vent cleaning. Also, our technicians will leave your premises only when you’re completely satisfied by our service.

Our dryer vent cleaning services can

  • Reduce the time your dryer takes to dry a load of laundry
  • Reduces your costs by allowing your dryer to work more efficiently
  • Decreases health risks by reducing fungi, viruses and bacteria from dryer vents
  • Reduces the chances of a potential fire hazard