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Central Vac Cleaning

Central Vac Cleaning

Central vacs are a very useful household appliance. However, they are also one of the most overlooked of all appliances. Central vacs are designed to remove dirt, dust and debris from a home. The particles collected by a central vac are sent through pipes installed inside walls into a collection container. Over time, these pipes get clogged up due to excessive debris and dust.

If your central vac system is not maintained and cleaned, it will not be able to remove dirt and dust effectively. This also means that your unit will exhibit lower efficiency and your energy costs will rise. Moreover, it will allow dust mites and allergens a chance to grow in your home. As such, cleaning your central vac every once in a while is a must.

Can Do Duct Cleaning can help you out with all your central vac cleaning needs. We use state-of-the-art suction equipment to clean central vac ducts effectively, regardless of how long or rigid the system may be. We offer our services all across Greater Toronto and surrounding areas.

Our Central Vac Cleaning Services
At Can Do Duct Cleaning, we make use of powerful, truck mounted vacuum systems to clean central vac system. Our service technicians make sure to remove all pollutants, dirt, dust and debris from your central vac system. This increases the energy of your appliance, reduces your utility costs, improves indoor air quality and keeps your home free of allergens and pollutants.

Service Overview

We follow a certified procedure for cleaning central vac system. Our technicians will first unclog your vac system with our truck mounted suction equipment. This is done by disconnecting your central vac canister first, followed by connecting our equipment to the inlets. Our powerful equipment will easily clear gallons of dust, dirt, dander and pollutants from your vac system.

After we unclog your ducts completely, we reconnect the dirt canister and run a power cloth through the tubing to remove remaining debris. This results in a clear, unclogged and high functioning vac unit.

Why Choose Us

Central vac cleaning is a technical job that is best left in the hands of professionals such as ours at Can Do Duct Cleaning. We are a licensed and certified provider of central vac cleaning services. We make use of truck mounted suction equipment and our technicians are trained and qualified to carry out cleaning services.

We ensure to leave your vac system unclogged and comply with all standards set by appliance manufacturers. Moreover, our qualified technicians make sure that no damage is done to your walls or furnishings during the cleaning process.

Our central vac cleaning services can

  • Provide safe and effective cleaning of your ducts
  • Reduce allergens and pollutants in your home
  • Save you time and money
  • Increase longevity of your central vac system
  • Ensure maximum air flow in your home