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Washroom Exhaust Cleaning

Washroom Exhaust Cleaning

Washroom exhausts are designed to remove odours and pollutants and control the moisture inside a bathroom. However, washroom exhausts need to be maintained and cleaned frequently, else it will lead to the build-up of debris and dust. This, in turn, results in poor ventilation and excessive wear and tear of the exhaust parts.

Moreover, if a washroom exhaust is not cleaned properly, it won’t be able to control moisture effectively. Excessive moisture in a washroom leads to warped doors, mould and fungus growth and peeling of finishes.

It is recommended that you get your washroom exhaust cleaned by professionals once every year.

Can Do Duct Cleaning Service can help you out with all your washroom exhaust cleaning needs. We have a team of certified, qualified and trained technicians who can clean your exhaust systems efficiently and effectively.

Washroom Exhaust Cleaning Services

At Can Do Duct Cleaning Service we specialise in offering washroom exhaust cleaning services all across, Greater Toronto and surrounding areas. We use a portable electric vacuum and compressed air connected to our truck to offer high-pressure cleaning services. Our washroom exhaust cleaning services improve the efficiency of your exhaust and will save you time and money.

Service Overview

Our technicians follow a tried and tested procedure for cleaning exhaust systems. Upon arrival, our technicians will first disconnect power from your exhaust system. Following this, they will remove and clean the cover vents of your exhaust unit. Any fan assembly in your exhaust system will also be dismantled and cleaned thoroughly.

After this basic cleaning process, we will connect our portable electric vacuum and use compressed air to remove any dirt, dust and debris from your exaust vents. In case of excessive grease, mould or other pollutants, our technicians will employ special procedures to loosen and remove build-up.

When your exhaust vent has been thoroughly cleaned and unclogged, our technicians will ensure that you’re completely satisfied with our service before leaving your premises.

Why Choose Us

Cleaning a washroom exhaust system is not straightforward. Unless you have access to high power suction and proper air pressure equipment, you should always leave washroom exhaust cleaning to professionals such as Can Do Duct Cleaning.

We’re a fully licensed and certified provider of washroom exhaust cleaning services. Moreover, we employ qualified and trained technicians, who are incredibly adept at providing cleaning services.

No matter which floor you’re located in and no matter how dirty or clogged your exhaust system is, you can count on Can Do Duct Cleaning for effective washroom exhaust cleaning.

Our washroom exhaust cleaning services can:

  • Prolong the life of your exhaust system
  • Control moisture and remove pollutants and odours from your bathroom
  • Save your energy bills
  • Ensure smooth and quiet operation of your exhaust system
  • Keep your washroom looking attractive