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Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

The quality of indoor air is a big concern in Canadian households, especially in smaller spaces and air-tight homes. Not only does poor indoor air quality lead to foul odours, but it also harbours allergens and other contaminants. In fact, many environmental agencies estimate that indoor air can be at least two times as contaminated as outdoor air.

The biggest culprit behind poor indoor air quality is a home’s ventilation system. Air ducts are responsible for transferring warm and cool air throughout your home all year round. Over time, air ducts will accumulate dust, debris, grime and allergens. Keeping your air ducts clean is vital to improving indoor air quality.

Here’s where Can Do Duct Cleaning can help you out! We provide professional air duct cleaning services in Greater Toronto and surrounding areas. Our technicians can help remove years of dust, debris and allergens from your air ducts.

Our Air Duct Cleaning Services

Can Do Duct Cleaning can help improve the indoor air quality of your home. We use powerful duct cleaning equipment to clean air ducts of all types. Our technicians make use of truck mounted suction equipment to vacuum out years of accumulated dirt and dust from your air ducts. Not only does this improve the indoor air quality of your home, but it also allows your HVAC units to run more efficiently and reduces energy costs.

Service Overview

Once our professionals arrive at your location with truck mounted equipment, they follow a unique service process to clean your ducts.

First off, they will cover their shoes before entering your home and review your requirements. Then, they will prepare your home for cleaning by covering your floors with protective drop sheets and placing corner guards wherever necessary. They will then cover your heat registers, open your air return grills and clean them thoroughly. Your air ducts will be scrubbed, cleaned and vacuumed with our 250PSI air pressure. Your furnace will also be wiped down and your air filter will be checked to complete the cleaning.

Before leaving your premises, our technicians will also sanitise your system to prevent future growth of bacteria and allergens.

Why Choose Us

Here, at Can Do Duct Cleaning, we’re a licensed and certified provider of air duct cleaning services. We boast of having a team of trained, professional and background verified service technicians. Moreover, we use state-of-the-art duct cleaning equipment which can easily clean air ducts of all sizes and types.

Our technicians strictly follow certified procedures to ensure that our services comply with the principles and guidelines set by the Indoor Air Quality Association. Moreover, our qualified technicians make sure that you are completely satisfied by our services before leaving your premises.

Our air duct cleaning services can

  • Eliminate allergens, dust mites, debris, dirt and foul odour from your home
  • Restore the peak energy efficiency of your HVAC systems and save you money
  • Reduce the potential for mould growth in the future
  • Provide peace of mind on the indoor air quality of your home