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3 Signs of Blocked Air Ducts You Definitely Shouldn’t Ignore

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It is said that up to 40 percent of the warm air generated by your HVAC system can be lost through leaks, cracks, and faulty ducts. The consequence of this loss is a waste of power and money. In addition, all that heated or cooled air allows hot or cold air to enter your living space.

This means that signs of blocked air ducts may affect not only your heating and cooling system but will most likely affect your indoor air quality, too.

So, what are the signs of blocked air ducts you need to know? Signs of blocked drains anywhere in your system may include strange smells, such as burnt rubber or any other smelly odour.

1. Temperature Fluctuations

If you notice that your home is experiencing temperature fluctuations, your air ducts may be blocked. This may lead to hot and cold spots around the room. In addition, temperature fluctuations may also lead to sweating walls.

The worst-case scenario is when temperature fluctuations lead to mould bloom and result in high indoor air pollutants.

2. Mould Issues

Blocked air ducts may also lead to mould growth around the house, particularly in areas with consistent moisture. This may include basements and bathrooms.

Your ducts and registers may also have a cottage cheese-like substance resulting from mould growth.

3. Furnace Malfunctions

If your furnace is experiencing issues with its performance and operation, it may be due to blocked air ducts. Blocked air ducts may lead to the failure of your HVAC system.

If signs of blocked air ducts are left unattended, the results may include worsened indoor air quality and higher energy bills.

How to Check for Blocked Air Ducts

First, check the filters of your HVAC system. If the filters are clogged, that may be why your system is operating inefficiently.

To properly check your air duct system, you should begin by examining the register covers. If a register cover is loose, then you may need to tighten the register. You may also need to remove the register cover to check the duct.

In addition, make sure you check your duct registers along with your central furnace duct. The best way to check for signs of blocked air ducts is to use a flashlight and thoroughly examine the duct’s inside. Use a mirror if necessary.

Finally, check if there is any buildup at the bottom of your duct. Most often, you will find dirt in your main furnace duct.

If you don’t find any signs of blocked air ducts, then you may need to reach out to a heating contractor to inspect your HVAC system.

Keep Your HVAC in Good Condition

While the signs of blocked air ducts may be substantial, there are also some minor signs you should watch out for. Some of those will include increased or higher heating costs, higher utility bills, and pest infestation such as cockroaches in your home. There are ways to tackle the problem before it reaches your living space, one of which is seeking the help of professionals.

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